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A net-zero economy that is fair for all

About the Commission

The Just Transition Commission is an independent advisory body that provides scrutiny and advice on how to deliver a just transition to a low carbon economy in Scotland

The Remit

For the Scottish Government a just transition is both the outcome – a fairer, greener future for all – and the process that must be undertaken in partnership with those impacted by the transition to net zero. It supports a net zero and climate resilient economy in a way that delivers fairness and tackles inequality and injustice.

To support the delivery of this ambition, the Scottish Government has committed to lead the production of key just transition plans, in a way that is co-designed and co-delivered by communities, businesses, unions and workers, and all society.

The key roles of the Just Transition Commission will be to support the production and monitoring of such plans, providing expert advice on their development.

Specifically, the Commission will be tasked with:

  • providing scrutiny and advice on the ongoing development of Scottish Government led just transition plans, including the application of the Just Transition Planning Framework
  • advising on the most suitable approaches to monitoring and evaluation
  • undertaking meaningful engagement with those most likely to be impacted by the transition, hearing from a broad range of representative voices and advising on how to ensure these can shape and contribute to just transition planning work in Scotland
  • engaging and collaborating with other sources of expertise, including relevant Scottish Government advisory bodies and relevant programmes of work (including, but not limited to the Committee on Climate Change, the Poverty and Inequality Commission, Fair Work Convention, the Council of Economic Advisors and the development of the National Strategy for Economic Transformation)
  • publishing an annual report to reflect on Scotland’s progress

At the start of each work year, the Minister for Just Transition, Employability and Fair Work will write to the Commission advising them of planned government work that can help inform the development of the Commission’s own work plan. Scottish Ministers may also make ad-hoc requests for advice in support of just transition planning.

The independent commission will be responsible for developing its own work plan with the support from the Just Transition Commission Secretariat. In the process of carrying out its functions, the Commission will be expected to engage widely with those likely to be affected by the transition to net-zero, particularly with the business sector, workers, trade unions, community organisations and young people.

They will also be expected to take in to account wider equalities, including all protected characteristics. There will be a budget to support additional information and evidence gathering.

Working Group Members

Previous Commission

This is the second Just Transition Commission, appointed in December 2021. The first Commission’s first iteration ran from 2019 to 2021. Its work has been archived onto Just Transition Commission – ( and its work will be fully archived on this site in due course.


The Just Transition Commission is fully committed to openness and transparency. Key information relating to our governance model can be found on the button below.