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Statement on proposed closure of Grangemouth refinery

Published on
23 Nov 2023

Statement from the Just Transition Commission

The announcement earlier this week regarding the future of the refinery at Grangemouth runs directly counter to a just transition to a low carbon economy in Scotland. The Just Transition Commission is deeply concerned that we will see a repeat of previous unmanaged industrial transitions in coal and steel whose harmful effects are still felt by communities across the country. In this case there appears to have been minimal engagement with workers, the community or government ministers.

We urgently need to understand what plans, if any, have been made to support a transition for workers impacted by these changes beyond redundancies, as well as what steps will be taken to ensure we are not effectively off-shoring emissions currently associated with the Grangemouth site. The announcement underlines clearly the need for government to play an active role in safeguarding workers and communities through the transition, since the market alone will not deliver a just transition.

The Commission therefore calls on Petroineos, the UK Government and the Scottish Government to:

• Engage fully and in good faith with workers and the community at Grangemouth and the surrounding area
• Create a credible just transition plan that ensures employment levels and economic activity within the community are protected.

Scotland’s approach to just transition planning has achieved international recognition. The future of those whose livelihoods are tied to Grangemouth will be critical in determining whether this aspiration is achieved.

Prior to developments this week the Commission had agreed to visit Grangemouth early in 2024. It will then publish findings and recommendations on next steps to support a just transition for the site.